Premier Outplacement

Why Premier Outplacement?

Premier Outplacement offers a unique service based on our own personal change experiences. Not only does this mean the advice and guidance we provide is relevant, but our advice is based on the real life experiences we’ve personally faced, setting us aside from a lot of our competitors.

Working for large corporates internally offering coaching and outplacement services has enabled us to tailor our model to meet the needs of both the employer and employee. Whether you’re interested in one of our packages or a bespoke, tailor made service you can be confident that your employees will receive the personalised service they require, setting them up for the modern job search ahead.

Our model offers a personal, tailorable service providing employers and/or employees the flexibility they may require to suit all budgetary needs. All of our packages are personally delivered unless otherwise stated or requested. We haven’t saturated our resources with online videos or self-serve documents but offer the human element which supports an individual through their journey from start to finish, setting them up for success for the future. All of our content is built in house by leading experts who fully understand the change curve with extensive industry and recruiting experience.

At the beginning of an engagement you will be assigned a dedicated career coach who will support throughout the full journey, streamlining the process with consistent information.

Our ‘my potential future’ offering supports individuals once they’re in a ‘searchable’ position to take the next steps in their physical job search. With industry expert connections we will make the necessary introductions to help individuals kick start their search. Our expert partners will work with individuals on the next part of the journey – securing their dream role.