Premier Outplacement

About us

Premier Outplacement are a boutique change, redundancy and outplacement services specialist focussing on providing a modern, unique and personal service that helps individuals gain the confidence they require to secure their next exciting job opportunity.

Change is inevitable in the world we live in, but sometimes it’s not something employees can control. Using our expertise our aim is to help your employees adapt positively to such change. Having more than 10+ years’ industry experience specialising in the Talent Acquisition space helps us provide individuals with the foundation they need to secure their next venture.

Our services allow for a variety of clientele including employers implementing change, individuals currently out of work looking for guidance and expertise to help coach them back into the workplace or students/university graduates looking for that initial foundational support.

We provide a personal and bespoke service, tailoring our packages to meet your needs. All of our content & training material is built in house by those who have worked for corporate organisations providing such services. This has allowed us to tailor our packages accordingly to meet the demands and needs of our clients and market requirements. We have lived through several journeys of change ourselves, having been impacted first hand, which means our expertise and guidance is based on real life examples.

The prospect of applying for a new role can seem somewhat daunting and hard to digest, but support and coaching from our expert consultants can help mentor and give individuals the confidence they require. Being a boutique set up allows us to dedicate our time and effort to the job in hand, ensuring we’re fully invested in the impacted individual. – You won’t be seen as another ‘one’. Every scenario is unique in its own way and is very much treated like this at Premier Outplacement. We ensure we don’t just focus on the outplacement of an individual but the overall candidate journey too, helping individuals apply themselves in the strongest possible way for both the present and future.

Our emotional curve highlights the peaks and troughs an individual experiences when impacted by change and it is our priority we focus on how we can support through what can be a turbulent journey, allowing individuals to embrace change as a new opportunity.

For more information on our packages we offer head over to our services page. For a bespoke, tailored package please reach out for more information.